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USA Waszp Grand Prix

Sponsored by Colie Sails


USA Waszp Grand Prix Rules


  1. Intention

    • The intent of the USA Waszp Grand Prix is to promote participation in Waszp Class events at the Regional and National levels.


  1.  Eligibility

    • Any member, in good standing, of the USA Waszp Class is eligible to participate in any and all of the official Grand Prix events.

    • Competitors who join the USA Waszp Fleet before the start of the first race of a Grand Prix event shall be considered to be members in good standing for the purposes of receiving a regatta score for that event (deemed eligible competitors).


  1. Regattas

    • For 2020, there will be four regattas in the Grand Prix Circuit:

      • Americas Championship; Charleston, SC.  April 16-19, 2020

      • ACCs; Toms River, NJ.  May 16-17, 2020

      • US Nationals; Toms River, NJ.  September 25-27, 2020

      • North American Championship;  TBD.


  1.  Regatta Requirements

    • The 2020 Waszp Grand Prix is for regattas which are sailed between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020

    • The regatta location, dates and contact information for the NOR must be available online at least four weeks before the event.

    • For the purposes of awarding Grand Prix points:

      • A regatta consists of an event scheduled to be sailed over consecutive days

      • A minimum of three races must be completed

      • A minimum of three participants must be registered

      • Events can only be re-sailed with permission from the Waszp President


  1. Scoring

    • Regatta Score

      • Each regatta will have a total point value assigned to it.

      • The total point value will be equal to the number of sailors registered.

      • The winner will receive the highest number of total points.  Second will receive one fewer, etc. until all points have been awarded.

      • The finish positions of any ineligible competitors will not be removed

Example:  27 Sailors register for the Americas Championship.  First place receives 27 points, Second place receives 26 points, etc all the way down to last place who receives 1 point.

  1. Grand Prix Rankings Score

    • The Grand Prix ranking will be the sum of each sailors’ highest three scoring events

    • Ties will be broken in favor of the sailor who scored the most points at the regatta with the highest number of available points (ie who did better at the most attended event)

    • Any further ties will be broken in favor of head to head results

    • Any remaining ties will be broken in favor of the sailor who did better in the latest regatta.


Example.  Two sailors only sail one regatta each.  Sailor A finishes in 10th place at the ACCs.  Sailor B finishes in 10th place at the North Americans.  There are exactly 30 boats at both events.  Because the fleet size is the same, both sailors score 21 points and are tied.  Grand Prix Ranking Score criteria (i), (ii), and (iii) cannot break this tie.  Therefore, the tie will be broken in favor of the sailor who competed at the North Americans because that regatta was latest in the year. 

  1. Updated Grand Prix standings will be published on the US Waszp Class website at


  1. Prizes

    • For 2020, the following prizes will be awarded:

      • Top Finisher

      • Top Female Finisher

      • Top Junior Finisher (Must not turn 21 in the calendar year)

      • Road Warrior (Awarded to the sailor who traveled to the most number of events and traveled the furthest)

      • Most Improved (Awarded to the sailor who showed the most improvement throughout the year)

    • No sailor is eligible to win multiple prizes.  Prizes will be awarded in order and if a sailor qualifies for more than one prize, any additional prize will be given to the next sailor in the rankings.

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